My friend went around the brand new Range Rover in the parking lot and lightly brushed the mirror of the jeep with his mirror. The mirror fell out and crashed. My friend has been driving for almost 20 years, he can even drive KamAZ in the «sat down, praise» mode. […]

1. The highway, turn left. You stand and miss oncoming cars. DO NOT twist the steering wheel to the left in advance. A blow from behind and you are a corpse under a truck. Keep the steering wheel straight. 2. You grabbed the curb or snow buster on the left […]

Andre Hefti, head of the Geneva international auto show, praised the Russian car Aurus Limousine. According to him, the vehicle is a real tank. Hefti made this statement after visiting the Russian booth as part of the event. He carefully examined the Aurus Senat Limousine L700, after which he said […]

About 15 years ago, I, young, thin and sonorous, worked as a trolley bus driver. The car has not yet left the category of luxury, and minibuses, like a class, have not yet appeared. And now, winter, 6:30 in the morning, the industrial zone of the most severe city in […]

Very instructive. A little monologue of one trucker. Maybe someone will save the iron, and maybe life. «I am a trucker. A trucker who travels to Moscow and Moscow twice a week. And the idiots getting under the wheels pretty sickened. People, believe me: my colleagues and I did not […]

Nearly 20 thousand readers answered this question. Here are the results … «Japanese cars are 3 times more reliable than any other» One of the most popular stereotypes is that Japanese cars are more reliable than others. And our results only confirm this — 36% believe that this is so. […]

Actually, I often see bottles in wheels. What are they needed for? Maybe some elements of the wheel structure are covering? Instead of a cap for the “nipple» of the camera? This question was asked last year at the game “What? Where? When?” and the most amazing thing is that […]

ENGINE B18C / B18B It was in the engines of this series that the VTEC system was first applied. With the 1.8-liter engine, the story came out a little different. Honda decided as an experiment to release a B-motor without a VTEC system. This is how the B18B engine appeared, […]

ENGINE D17A The D17A engine is designed specifically for «heavy» cars and was used on two models — Honda Civic EU-ES and Honda Srteam. Stretched results can be called positive. And even more precisely, this engine will be called “disposable” — despite the general reliability of the design, the unit […]

ENGINE F23A F23A engines — 4-cylinder in-line gasoline engines. They were intended for widespread use — in Japan, China, Europe and North America. Like other engines on the Honda F-series, they equip Honda cars used for family trips or simply for convenient movement. The gas distribution system is implemented according […]

ENGINE J32A Honda J-series can be called a pearl in the crown of the company’s motors. J32 — V-shaped in its layout, absolutely uncharacteristic for Honda. At the same time, they are a real center of concentration of all kinds of technologies and innovations. The range of engines J32 was […]

K20A ENGINE (Z) The K20A engine is a modern four-cylinder two-liter in-line gasoline engine manufactured by Honda Motor Co. Ltd. This type of motor is installed in many modern models of Honda cars. At the moment, this engine is the most high-performance and perfect serial «heart» of the Honda brand. […]

K24A ENGINE (Z, Y, W) K24A engines — in-line, four-cylinder, 16-valve engines with overhead camshafts and liquid cooling. To increase the rigidity of the cylinder block, the bottom cover of the main bearings is made integral and is attached to the block with 24 bolts. Thrust half rings are installed […]

ENGINE R20A This two-liter unit is nothing more than an extension of the R18A. Increase the volume from 1.8 liters to 2.0 was due to the long-stroke crankshaft. Changes also affected the intake manifold, balancer shafts were installed on the motor. The cylinder head is left with one camshaft, sixteen […]

ENGINE J37A Back in 2007, the legendary J37 motor was released specifically for Acura cars. The basis of the new engines was the J35 model, which has proven itself in the early large-volume models of the Akura and Honda since 1999. Both engines are combined by V-shaped blocks with a […]

ENGINE D16A D16A engines — 4-cylinder in-line gasoline engines. The first unit of the line saw the light in 1986, and the production of internal combustion engines of this family was discontinued in 2007. The cylinder block is made of aluminum. The gas distribution mechanism provides for one camshaft in […]

HONDA J30A ENGINE J30A Series engines were developed for premium cars aimed at the US market. J series has become not quite familiar for Honda. Customers are accustomed to the in-line arrangement of cylinders on cars of this brand, but the J series is characterized by a V-shaped cylinder position. […]

In 1999, on the basis of the J32 engine, Honda minders developed the new 3.5-liter J35A engine. It was based on a V-shaped block 235mm high with six cylinders. A forged crankshaft with a 93 mm piston stroke and a compression height of 30 mm was installed in the block. […]

  1 августа 2019 года — Гороскоп для всех знаков зодиака Если вы родились сегодня, 1 августа: вы прирожденный лидер, и окружающие с надеждой взирают на вас. Вы любите разнообразие и иногда можете быть довольно нерешительными, но вы жестки и полны решимости, в тот момент когда это необходимо. В то время […]