A new word in the automotive industry: Yamaha Niken — a bike with a twin front wheel

Motorcyclists — people who are alien to everything new. For example, when injectors appeared, many bike lovers started scolding this system, that it was expensive and more difficult to maintain. Also, there is a lot of controversy over ABS and liquid cooling, but despite this, all these innovations are taking root. Now it is the turn of another, and this time a very extravagant innovation — a motorcycle with two front wheels. These vehicles began to produce the company Yamaha.

Yamaha Niken
Yamaha Niken

brief information

Niken has a powerful three-cylinder engine of 850 cu. cm, provides high speed and noiselessness. This vehicle looks like an almost exact copy of the MT-9 (from the same manufacturer). With one exception — two wheels in front.

The motorcycle has a six-speed manual gearbox. Gas tank of 18 liters. Ground clearance at 150 mm. The front wheels are slightly smaller from the rear, their diameter is 15 ”, and the rear tire is 17”.

Are there any benefits?

An optional front tire is possibly the future of motorcycles. It is difficult to overestimate that it is the extra wheel that adds confidence when entering a turn. In bad weather, it is also much easier to ride a Niken, so rainy weather is no longer so bad for the bike driver.

You can also note the original design, not every day you can find a tricycle. People who have already traveled on this model, report that the design is thought out and executed quite qualitatively. The third wheel does not affect the maneuverability, speed and other amenities of riding a motorcycle.

Model flaws

Yamaha Niken — the first more or less successful model of a three-wheeled bike, but still it is far from ideal. One of the main problems is the increased weight of the vehicle. Levers, steering columns, a wheel — additional weight almost 50 kg.

Although it was slightly mentioned above that the third wheel does not affect the maneuverability on the road, it should be understood that Yamaha is positioning this sports model. In this case, we can safely say that the sport version of the bike does not hold out. After all, the maximum slope reaches 45 degrees, but the front suspension cannot be so folded up to give the necessary degree.

Moreover, there is quite a comfortable seat and other amenities for a comfortable ride. Therefore, this model can be considered a tourist with sports elements.

Summarizing all the above, we can draw some simple conclusions:

The new model of the motorcycle has the right to life. The additional front wheel is harmonious enough and it helps rather than hinders.

Although the manufacturer considers this model to be sports, in fact the vehicle cannot be called such.

Undoubtedly, Yamaha will continue to try to make similar vehicles. Therefore, it is likely that after some time, conservative motorcycle owners will change to three-wheeled variants. However, it is believed that until these times have to wait a long time, because the three-wheeled bike should be not just the same, but much better than the current, to settle down on the market.