Why empty bottles in truck trailer wheels?

Actually, I often see bottles in wheels. What are they needed for?

Maybe some elements of the wheel structure are covering? Instead of a cap for the “nipple» of the camera?

This question was asked last year at the game “What? Where? When?” and the most amazing thing is that the experts did not give the right answer. The question was asked by the Novosibirsk resident Vasily Chemenov, and in fact he later received a monetary reward.

truck trailer
truck trailer

And the answer was this:

Under the influence of extremely low temperatures, or even in normal climatic conditions, it is possible that the brake shoe may freeze or jam. And the driver will not feel this while moving at speed. Having traveled a decent distance, the tire will become unusable, or worse it could explode.

And in order to exclude such a sad consequence, bottles are empty. The driver looks in the rearview mirror and controls the rotation of the wheels. The bottles are moving — the wheels are not jammed and they spin normally. Profit!

Did you know about this method?

But if you saw such a bottle, you know, the driver is in danger. It is thrown by crooks so that when the car moves an unusual noise is heard, the driver went out to see what it is, and the crooks stole for example a man’s purse or bag from the front seat.


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