Which cars are better: Germans, Japanese or Koreans?

Nearly 20 thousand readers answered this question. Here are the results …

«Japanese cars are 3 times more reliable than any other»

One of the most popular stereotypes is that Japanese cars are more reliable than others. And our results only confirm this — 36% believe that this is so. The second most popular opinion (20%) is that it is impossible to unequivocally name the leader country for car indestructibility, since it all depends on the particular brand and model. It is interesting that Korean and German cars named the most reliable the same number of respondents — 12% each. That is, 3 times more people believe in Japanese reliability than in Korean or German!

The share of those who called the most hardy Russian cars is very modest — 2.7%. And in the case of the English, despite the example of the Land Rovers (we can recall the draft of the brand in Russia under the name «Indestructible») — generally ridiculous, less than 1%. But almost 17% (that is, one in six respondents) said that the country of origin does not matter, because all the cars today have become “disposable”.

“The Germans are the most beautiful, technological and driver’s”

But German cars win back in the fight against the Japanese in a beauty contest: every second respondent noted them as attractive in appearance, and Japanese — only every fourth. Suddenly, the Koreans spoke strongly — 17% of respondents noted their design. Also, Italian, French and English cars appeared on the horizon — approximately every tenth respondent considers them beautiful. But Chinese and Russian cars appeared in obvious outsiders by this indicator — they were noted by a very insignificant percentage of readers.

A similar picture is with the leadership in the technological issue: 53% call the Germans the most technologically advanced, 28% the Japanese, and manufacturers from other countries account for the remaining share of less than 20% of the votes, in approximately equal proportions. And it is interesting that Chinese cars (3%) were ahead in manufacturability, for example, French cars (1.3%).

«The Italians — About Charisma and Drive»

German hegemony comes to naught when it comes to drive. Yes, in the minds of our drivers, the “Germans” are leaders in this matter (28%), but here they are stepping on their heels … Italian cars (23%) — apparently, the fact is that in this South European country they practically do not make ordinary cars and at least half of the brands are somehow engaged in the development of sports cars.

Japan is in third place (16%) — probably, in the memory of motorists, Marks, Evo and other Supras from the nineties firmly settled in, because now this country is not rich in driver cars. Interestingly, the outsiders (approximately 1% of the vote) are equally Russia, South Korea, China, Great Britain and France. The remaining votes were in the United States (10%) and the third most popular opinion is that many brands from different countries have strong sports cars — 18% of respondents think so.

The “Frenchmen” who have never shone anywhere until now have finally fired — as soon as they ask a question about the most original and charismatic cars. More than 16% of respondents named France, and only Italians got more votes (19%). And Japanese cars (almost 16%) suddenly took the third place by unusualness — most likely, our readers had in mind cars for the domestic market of this country. According to another criterion, the British and American, according to this criterion, “Koreans” (5%) are considered to be the most distinctive by English and American by 10%.

Dream about German, and buy Japanese

It turns out that most want a «German»? It is, but with one big caveat — if you do not have to pay for this car from your pocket! If you imagine that the car is provided, for example, by an employer, then 42% want to ride a «German», 25% want a «Japanese», and another 5% would prefer a Korean or American model. For 15%, the origin of the «free» car does not matter — they would be happy for anyone. But all other countries had a total of only around 10% of preferences.

But everything changes exactly the opposite, when it comes to buying for your money. German cars will now be selected only by 27% of motorists, and Japanese — 41! Korean manufacturers come out in third place with 15% of the vote, and among all other countries, only a few percent of enthusiastic followers remain. Russian cars account for only 5% of preferences. Finally, let’s see what the real picture of car ownership in a particular country of production is and how it relates to the desires of motorists.

The bulk of the respondents (30%) currently own Japanese technology. German accounts for 23%, and Korea is in third place, 16%. Another 11% drive domestic cars and about 5% drive French and American cars. About one out of every hundred Russian motorists owns Chinese or English cars, and every two-hundred owns Italian. Another 7% of respondents do not have a car at all, although only 2.7% of readers have never had a car.

Dmitry Laskov


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