D16A engines — 4-cylinder in-line gasoline engines. The first unit of the line saw the light in 1986, and the production of internal combustion engines of this family was discontinued in 2007. The cylinder block is made of aluminum. The gas distribution mechanism provides for one camshaft in the upper part of the cylinder head, mainly with four valves per cylinder. Type of power — injector (carburetor ZC).

Production Honda Motor Company
Engine make D16
Years of production 1986-2007
Cylinder block material aluminum
Injector Power System (ZC Carburetor)
Type in-line
Number of Cylinders 4
Valves per cylinder 4
Stroke, mm 90
Cylinder diameter 75 mm
Compression ratio 9.1-12.5
Engine displacement, cc 1590
Engine power, hp / rpm 105-130 / 6200-6600
Torque, Nm / rpm 135-145 / 3400-5200
Fuel 92/95
Environmental standards up to Euro 3
Engine weight, kg —
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km
— city
— track
— mixed. 8.7
Oil consumption, gr. / 1000 km to 1000
Engine Oil 5W-30
How much oil is in the engine 3.6
When replacing pouring, l 3.3
Oil change is carried out, km 10000
(better than 5000)
Engine operating temperature, deg. 90
Engine resource, thousand km
— according to the factory
— on practice —
~ 300
The list of spare parts for engine repair D16A
Full name of the part Part code
Piston without rings Honda D16A d75.0 STD (13101-PM7-000) Teikin 38606 STD
Piston without rings Honda D16A d75.0 + 0.50 (13101-PM7-000) Teikin 38606 0.50
Piston rings Honda D16 d75.0 STD 1.2-1.5-4.0 (13011-PM0-B02) on 4 cyl.TP 32375-STD
4-cylinder piston rings 1.2 × 1.5 × 2.8 RS-35050
Head bolts Honda Civic 16V M10x1.25 × 140 (set 10 pcs.) Elring 706.120
Intake valve Honda B16A 5.5x33x102.3 (14711-PR3-000) Rocky HMA1450
Intake valve Honda D12-D16 5.5x29x115 (14711-PM3-000) Rocky HMA1000
Intake valve Honda D16A / D16Z5 / ZC1 6.6x30x105.4 (14711-PG6-000) Rocky HMA990
Exhaust Valve Honda B16A / B17A / B18 / D15B / D16Y / D16Z 5.5x28x102.5 (14721-PR3-000) Rocky HMB1450
Valve exhaust Honda D13 / 15/16 5.5x25x118.8 UM 16-VX173
Valve V91733
Valve V94023
Valve V91730
Valve V94022
Valve V91732
Valve guide sleeve VAG92397
Valve guide sleeve VAG96221
Cap oil scraper inlet Honda color code «white» (12210-P45-G01) Elring 130.560
Oil scraper cap 130.860
Valve stem seals (130.860 + 130.560) 084.300
Inserts radical Honda B16A Taiho M461H-STD
Inserts radical Honda B18 / B20 Taiho M458H-STD
Inserts indigenous MS-2208GP STD
Inserts connecting rod Honda Civic D16 86-, ZC 84- NDC CB-2208GP STD
Inserts connecting rod Honda D16 Taiho R460H-STD
Half rings persistent Honda B20A Taiho T458A-STD
Half rings persistent TW-2208GP STD
Oil filter h = 103.0 Honda KS Original / 10 50 013 146
Fuel filter Honda Accord 1.8i-2.2i 16V, Civic 1.5i-1.8i 16V KS 50 013 824
V-ribbed belt 4 PK 875
Hydrocompensator Fiat 16V (4 641 3078) AE FOL106
Gasket set upper 50001527
Block head gasket 50001327
Water pump 50 005 084
Piston without rings Honda D16A6 d75.0 STD (13101-PM6-000) Teikin 38173 STD
Full gasket set 50001716
Gasket set upper 50001530
Block head gasket 50001326


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