K24A engines — in-line, four-cylinder, 16-valve engines with overhead camshafts and liquid cooling. To increase the rigidity of the cylinder block, the bottom cover of the main bearings is made integral and is attached to the block with 24 bolts. Thrust half rings are installed in 4 support. For cooling, channels are made in the cylinder block through which coolant circulates. There are horizontal channels for lubricating the crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and oil supply to the oil nozzles, and in the front of the unit there is one vertical channel for supplying oil to the cylinder head.

Production Honda Motor Company
Engine brand K24
Years of production 2002-present
Cylinder block material aluminum
Injector power system
Type in-line
Number of Cylinders 4
Valves per cylinder 4
Stroke, mm 99
Cylinder diameter, 87 mm
Compression ratio 9.6-11.1
Engine displacement, cc 2354
Engine power, hp / rpm 156-205 / 5900-7000
Torque, Nm / rpm 217-232 / 3600-4500
Fuel 95
Environmental standards Euro 5
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km
— city
— track
— mixed. 11.9
Oil consumption, gr. / 1000 km to 1000
Engine oil 0W-20 / 5W-20 / 5W-30
How much oil is in the engine, l 4.2
When replacing pouring, l 4.0
Oil change is carried out, km 10000 (better 5000)
Engine resource, thousand km
— according to the factory
— on practice —
K24A Engine Repair Parts List
Full name of the part Part code
Piston without rings Honda K24A1 d87.0 STD (13010-PPA-000) Teikin 38174 STD
Head gasket Honda Accord / Element K24A4 12251-RAA-A01
Valve Cover Gasket 270.380
Cap oil scraper inlet Honda color code «white» (12210-P45-G01) Elring 130.560
Oil scraper cap 130.860
Valve stem seals (130.860 + 130.560) 084.300
Oil seal 80x98x10 / 7.7 (614 830) Elring 590.797
Oil seal 81-53338-00
Inserts radical Honda Accord 2.4i 16V K24A 10.2002- (13321-PNA-003/004) Taiho M469A-STD
Inserts radical top Honda K20A / K24A STD (1 half ring) (13323-RAA-A01) Original 13323-RAA-A02
Inserts radical lower Honda K20A / K24A STD (1 half ring) (13343-RAA-A01) Original 13343-RAA-A02
Inserts connecting rod Honda K20A / K24A STD (1 half ring) Original 13213-RAD-Y01
Connecting rod bearings R470H-STD
Half rings persistent Honda Accord 2.4i 16V K24A 10.2002- (13331-PNA-004) Taiho T469A-STD
Persistent half rings 13331-PNA-004
FDB1608 rear disc brake pads
Disc brake pads Honda CR-V II Ferodo FDB1679
Air Conditioning Compressor Solenoid Honda CRV 2002-> 38924-PND-006
Air Conditioning Compressor Pulley Honda CRV 2002-> 38900-PNB-006
Oil filter Ford / Honda h = 87.0 d = 66.0 Champion F126 / 606
V-ribbed belt 7PK1760 AE MVB1760R7
Repair Kit, rear caliper 01473SP0000
Headlamp HB3 091 212 115
Bulb 12V 21 / 5W W3x16Q marker-stop, 4-pin (for Japanese) (Osram 7515, Philips 12066) Monark 091 612 154
Bulb 12V W5W 2.1 × 9.5D (Osram 2825, Philips 12961) Monark 091 712 033
Fuses mini kit 6 pcs. (5A-15A) Monark 099 837 975
Intake camshaft sprocket 14310RBB003
Timing Chain 14401PPA004
Rear crankshaft oil seal 91214PWA003
Rear crankshaft oil seal 91214RTA004
Front crankshaft oil seal 91212-RNA-A01
Front crankshaft oil seal 91212RTA003
Pressure Reducing Valve 15231PE0000
Oil Pressure Sensor 37240PT0014
Oil Pump Drive Circuit 13441PNA004
Thermostat 19301RAF003
Fuel Level Sensor 17630SDCE01
Ignition Coil 30520PNC004
Spark plug 9807B5617W
Air filter 17220RAAA01
Oil filter 15400PH1F03
Oil filter 15400RTA003
Oil filter 15400RTA004
Fuel filter 16010SDCE01
Oil nozzle 15280PRBA00
Fuel injector 16450RBB003
Catalytic Converter 18160RBBG00
Connecting Rod 13210RBBA00
Exhaust camshaft gear 14210PRBA00
Alternator Pulley 31141RAAA01
Crankshaft Pulley 13810PNA003
Cabin Filter 80290SDCA01
Fuel tank 17500SEAE02
Coolant Pipe 19510RBB000
Timing Chain Solenoid 14530PPA003
13460PNA004 Oil Pump Chain Caliper
Radiator drain plug 19011PH1621
Starter 31200RAD003
Finger Lock Rings 13115PRBA00
Valve crackers 14781PRBA02
Valve Spring Upper Plate 14765RAAA00
Valve Spring Plate Lower 14775PT0000
Fuel filler neck 17660SEAE01
Fuel filler plug 17670SHJK02
Crankshaft Sprocket 13620RAAA02
13432PNA000 Oil Pump Drive Sprocket
Knock Sensor 30530PNA003
The oxygen sensor to the catalyst 36531RBB003
Camshaft Position Sensor 37510RAAA01
Coolant Temperature Sensor 37870PNA003
Piston pin 13111PNA010
Piston rings 13021RBB004
Piston rings 13021RBB006
Piston rings 13011RBB004
Piston Kit 13020-RBB-010
Piston Kit 13030RBB010
Piston Kit 13010RBB010
Torque Converter (Torque Converter) 26000RAA406
Front exhaust pipe 18210SEAE02
Crankcase oil drain plug 90009PH1000


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