A small monologue of one trucker

Very instructive.

A little monologue of one trucker. Maybe someone will save the iron, and maybe life.

“I’m a trucker. A trucker who travels to Moscow and Moscow twice a week. And the idiots climbing under the wheels pretty much pissed.

Believe me, people: I and my other colleagues came to this city of traffic jam not for pleasure. I (you will not believe), I can imagine the lessons and more interesting than standing in traffic jams for hours, breathing the most selected exhaust gases.


I came here for work, namely, in 90% of cases, brought to you, Muscovites and the guests of the capital, who arrived in Moscow, fresh food, drinks, clothing, household appliances and chemicals, fuel and tires for your cars.

I understand that when you climb under the wheels, you have nothing personal. You just at least once a year want to come home to the family, to the children early at least 15 minutes.

I understand those who are even in a hurry, even if they turn on the turn signals, warning about their intention to slip (or commit suicide, to whom you are lucky).

I understand that many didn’t even have time to learn about the rights, you just bought them, and until now, having changed the third credit credit, you sincerely think that falling out from the curb, you are a right hand disturbance and you should be missed.

I understand all this, I miss it, I slow down, I dodge the very zealous hurry-upers, paying for it with excessive fuel consumption, accelerated brake wear, nerves that are needed, so that once again I don’t crawl under the bumper, but I’m not sure on purpose …

Every day you see a classic accident on the Moscow Ring Road: a passenger on the right under a wagon. Dead zone? Not at all! It was one of the nerves that could not stand it, and with the words “Dna nna, impudent erysipelas, get” with the words, he did not slow down …

People! And you also push loaders who are dragging a heavy cupboard or piano at your entrance? Let’s at least a little more respectful attitude to each other. At least turn on the turn signals, believe me, they will let you through. Remember: 40 tons is very difficult to stop. And then zadolbalo for 8 hours a day to guess the thoughts and intentions of hundreds of people and save dozens of brainless lives. «


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