Holy woman

My friend went around the brand new Range Rover in the parking lot and lightly brushed the mirror of the jeep with his mirror. The mirror fell out and crashed. My friend has been driving for almost 20 years, he can even drive KamAZ in the «sat down, praise» mode. And here it went. He looks — a well-groomed lady of about 40 years old is driving. She thinks, well, right now, the chicken will go bankrupt, turn on a tantrum and all that + buy a new mirror on Range Rover … There was a standard scenario. In general, my friend had already mentally spent his nerves and money. Are you guilty? Pay. He approaches the lady, the lady opens the window with a sad look. Dialogue:

Friend: I broke your mirror, I’m sorry. How much do I owe you?

Lady [sad, but very calm]: Don’t worry, this has already happened. It kept on snot, constantly fell out. Now at least an occasion has appeared to buy a new one. Yes, and I parked a little crookedly, like a chicken, honestly. Forgive me, I had to go round.

Friend [collecting jaw from asphalt]: So I owe you nothing?

Lady [smiling]: No.

Holy woman! She should be found and cloned 🙂