Motorcycle M1A “Moscow” is the first motorcycle, which was produced at the Minsk Motorcycle and Bicycle Plant (MMVZ). The production of this single-seater was started in 1951, the German motorcycle “DKW RT 125” is at the heart of the motorcycle, according to its drawings this legendary motorcycle was created. Thanks […]

The Volvo carmaker withdraws 507,000 cars worldwide due to the danger of the engine igniting due to a malfunction of one of the parts, reports the Local edition. According to the publication, the intake pipe in these cars is made of plastic and may melt due to temperature changes. «In […]

Fans of gas fuel (talking about propane-butane LPG mixtures) are eagerly ready to talk about its advantages over other types of fuel. The main argument “for” is obvious: today gas prices are about one and a half times lower than gasoline-diesel (when comparing prices per liter — do not forget […]

Very instructive. A little monologue of one trucker. Maybe someone will save the iron, and maybe life. “I’m a trucker. A trucker who travels to Moscow and Moscow twice a week. And the idiots climbing under the wheels pretty much pissed. Believe me, people: I and my other colleagues came […]