1. The highway, turn left. You stand and miss oncoming cars. DO NOT twist the steering wheel to the left in advance. A blow from behind and you are a corpse under a truck. Keep the steering wheel straight. 2. You grabbed the curb or snow buster on the left […]

Nearly 20 thousand readers answered this question. Here are the results … «Japanese cars are 3 times more reliable than any other» One of the most popular stereotypes is that Japanese cars are more reliable than others. And our results only confirm this — 36% believe that this is so. […]

Actually, I often see bottles in wheels. What are they needed for? Maybe some elements of the wheel structure are covering? Instead of a cap for the “nipple» of the camera? This question was asked last year at the game “What? Where? When?” and the most amazing thing is that […]

Fans of gas fuel (talking about propane-butane LPG mixtures) are eagerly ready to talk about its advantages over other types of fuel. The main argument “for” is obvious: today gas prices are about one and a half times lower than gasoline-diesel (when comparing prices per liter — do not forget […]